Application Hosting

Enjoy consistent and effortless access to your applications and information anytime, from anywhere.

Linked Technologies can install hosted applications that integrate with your computing environment in a fraction of the time that a traditional “onsite” network takes to implement. Moreover, you won’t have to incur added cost in hardware, server infrastructure or engineering support.

How it works

The total cost of ownership of an application consists of licenses, server space, system upgrade costs and infrastructure maintenance . This often makes the cost to update, replace or even just maintain servers and applications very high and may leave businesses with the choice of relying on outdated equipment or potentially overextending their budget. We have a solution…
Our virtualized environment can host your applications for you. You’ll have access to all your applications and data – wherever you are, whenever you need it. You’ll also enjoy the added bonuses of seamless system updates and maintenance, and being protected by state-of-the-art security and business continuity solutions.

How IT supports your business

All businesses, no matter the size, must optimize their resources to retain their competitive edge. Infrastructure hosting relieves the burden and much of the cost of maintaining and managing your IT infrastructure. Hosted applications are backed by continuous technical and customer support.
In the ever-changing world of technology, a managed, comprehensive infrastructure hosting solution enables you to leverage the latest servers, security and data protection tools without the high upfront costs. For a simple monthly fee, you’ll enjoy access to your applications in a secure and reliable environment with world-class technology and capabilities.

Bottom Line

You and your employees need consistent access to the tools you use to do your job . We offer managed application hosting and remote access computing in our secure hosting facility. We can install hosted applications and integrate with your computing environment in a fraction of the time it would take to implement in a traditional onsite network and without the cost of hardware , server infrastructure or engineering support.
Let us help you customize a fast and reliable hosting plan for your applications from our variety of infrastructure hosting options, ensuring the flexibility you need as your business continues to grow and evolve.

Linked Technologies steps in to bridge the gap

All too often, companies try to update or replace their existing servers and applications and find that the expense is too exorbitant. As a result, they are stuck between potentially overextending their budget to purchase new hardware and software or having to rely on outdated equipment at the cost of efficiency. We offer a virtualized environment that gives you a variety of hosting options.
If your application is terminal server aware, we can host it for you. It’s that simple.
Focus on your business. The total cost of ownership (TCO) of an application consists of application licenses besides the server, and systems gradations costs besides IT infrastructure maintenance. Application hosting services eliminate or greatly reduce these operating costs by a wide margin. Thus, with software hosting solutions you’re not only able to repurpose internal resources, you can also make capital funds available for your business interests.
Experience world class technology. Any business, be it big or small, must optimize its resources to retain its competitive edge. Application hosting and managed enterprise hosting maximizes core resources such as finances and manpower, so that business interests are the main area of focus — not IT infrastructure management. To a large degree, application hosting relieves the burden of managing the IT infrastructure.
How you can access your applications. Technology is an ever-changing field and the rate at which technologies turn obsolete is high. A managed, comprehensive application hosting solution enables you to leverage the latest servers, security tools, and data protection tools. You can improve access to your applications in a secure and reliable environment. This saves the huge upfront costs involved. For small monthly charges, you enjoy access to world-class technology and capabilities.
Linked Technologies managed application Hosting and Remote Access Computing environment is the “Virtual Desktop” Windows™ environment. You can access all your applications and data from our secure hosting facility, with data backed up daily.
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