Disaster Recovery

Linked Technologies understands that providing small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and end users with high-availability systems is not always enough.

For when the worst happens, we specialize in complete disaster recovery solutions, including File Level Backup (locally or offsite) and Imaging. To prepare your organization for emergencies, we provide consultation on the value of having a disaster recovery (DR) solution in-place. Our DR specialist will explain the difference between backing up your files and regularly scheduled network environment snapshots, and advise your organization on which option best suits your needs. You can read about these solutions below, under the headings File Level Backup and Imaging. The Linked Technologies team wants you to be informed when it comes to protecting your data, user configurations, and the applications that make up your network environment.

How Linked Technologies helps

In many small businesses, creating a proper backup to get services and running after a disaster is a task left to the office secretary or the owner themselves, if done at all. A proper backup should be stored offsite, updated frequently, and backup data should be verified before being sent offsite. If any of these steps are forgotten or done incorrectly, the data stored may be incomplete, incorrect, or entirely useless when you need it most.
By choosing to use offsite backup services from us you can trust that your data is being verified and all your file changes are being moved offsite every day. With Linked Technologies by your side, you can be assured that your data is secure and available for fast retrieval. Turn to us for familiar service, every time.

File Level Backup

This backup solution allows you to select specific files and folders to back up, and whether you’d like them stored locally or offsite. With our managed backup service your backups will be monitored to ensure successful completion and remediation services to correct failures.


By capturing everything – active directory, applications, configuration settings, and data – you protect yourself from losing data, applications, and operation systems. Imaging gives you the ability to recover a file or a folder just like File Level Backup, but also lets you restore a complete server and systems settings. You will have the ability to:
  • Verify backup images
  • Consolidate backup files
  • Determine retention policies
  • Local and offsite backups
  • Test server recovery
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