Remote Support

Did you know that response times are reduced when you turn to remote support?

In the event that a problem occurs, the response time can often be within minutes!

Remote Support with Linked Technologies

When turning to remote support, users often find that response times are improved. If a problem occurs, the response time can often be within minutes. Linked Technologies’ remote support enables your company to breathe easier. To ensure smooth operations, we remotely manage the technology in your business. Our technicians apply updates and patches, address security threats, make changes and adjustments, and help with anything else needed.
We are always on top of things and know our business so you can focus on yours. Linked Technologies provides a cost-effective, pre-engineered solution with a common environment for network systems operations, workstation configuration, and office automation.

How Remote Support Benefits You

  • By reducing response time. We can get you back to business in minutes. All it takes is one phone call.
  • Reducing costs by cutting out travel time. Routine maintenance or system recovery requires an experienced technician’s touch. Don’t pay for that touch to travel through heavy traffic or snow to get to you. By working remotely, we cut out the travel time and the travel cost.
  • Managing from a central location ensures simultaneous support for multiple locations. If you have more than one business location, don’t pay for multiple technicians to work at five different locations, when one can do the work of five at one desk.

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