Managed Services

We know our business like you know yours.

We’ll take on the responsibility of managing your information technology systems and you’ll get the advantage of an in-house IT department at a fraction of the cost – so you can focus on more important things, like running your business. Managed services can maximize your return on investment and operational efficiency. We offer comprehensive support solutions and the expertise to manage and maintain your IT systems and technologies.

How IT Works

Managed services is the best solution for ongoing, comprehensive IT support. Our trained and certified professionals will monitor, manage and troubleshoot your network. We’ll keep a vigilant eye on your systems and ensure you’re getting the best value from your IT investment.
It’s a simple solution for maximum return on investment and operational efficiency. You’ll receive a number of services, including a live help desk, proactive monitoring and systems maintenance, for a flat monthly fee. Choose the standard or premium level based on your business needs. No surprises or hidden costs, just peace of mind and our highest level of care.

How IT Supports your business

Our managed services program enables you to reduce risk and support costs, maintain a high level of support and create a more flexible and scalable service solution that fits your business. We’ll take care of your IT needs and support your business with services like:
Our team will keep you protected by maintaining the health of your system, conducting regular security updates and analysis across your servers and workstations, keeping virus protection up-to-date, and continuously monitoring your servers and infrastructures to eliminate threats before they become problems.
Access our help desk support whenever you need it. You’ ll have peace of mind that dedicated help is just a phone call away for all aspects of desktop support, user account administration, mobile device support, virus, malware issues, desktop, server, network, printer support and more.

Bottom Line

Let us create a cost-effective managed services solution tailored for your business’ needs. While other IT vendors offer a single turnkey managed services plan, Linked Technologies presents two levels of managed services contracts – Premium and Standard. In steering you toward the right plan, we believe in being proactive. We begin by conducting a thorough assessment of your IT environment. This process involves:
  1. Scanning the client’s environment.
  2. Composing a detailed report from data that is collected from the client’s environment.
  3. Reviewing the report with the client.
  4. Providing the client with two options for the delivery of our managed services.
  5. Covering expectation levels and differences between the two support options with the client to ensure they understand which deliverables are being offered.
Additionally, we go a step further than the competition by offering remote and phone support services for both plans. We are also able to bundle help desk services and administrative services as needed. Additional support hours can be purchased in bulk at a reduced rate.
Additional key features of our managed service plans include:
  • Patch Management
  • Monitoring Services
  • Server Health Checks
  • Network Administration and Maintenance
  • Cost management
  • Increased security
  • Consistency and productivity
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