Business Continuity

Linked Technologies understands that providing small businesses and end-users with high-available systems is not enough.

There’s a reason it’s called Information Technology -information is our business. We understand the importance of your business data and offer complete recovery solutions to ensure that, when disaster strikes, it doesn’t interrupt your bottom line.

Why turn to Linked Technologies for on-site support?

If your business or organization is relying on a single server, what is your recovery plan should it fail? Can you afford to be down for three days, or possibly a week? What if there was something affordable that you could put in-place that even following a failure could allow you to still have access to your applications and data? Let the experienced team at Linked Technologies explain the true value of having a business continuity solution in place.
When your business or organization experiences the inability to access data due to the loss of a server… what is your recovery plan? The unexpected loss of productivity and data comes at a high cost. Linked Technologies has a Business Continuity Solution that not only allows you to continue working through the loss of your servers, but in the event of a catastrophic disaster, your applications and data would still be available and operational within hours, not days, from anywhere.

How IT works

Data loss is typically the most difficult and expensive disaster to recover from, yet many businesses operate with inadequate backup systems and non-existent disaster recovery plans. By definition, disasters are always unexpected and they come in many forms – some natural, some self­ inflicted. The main causes of business interruptions include:
  • Destruction of system, network or storage hardware and software from fire or floods.
  • Software unavailability due to power, phone or internet outages.
  • Hardware failure from old or defective equipment.
  • Accidental or intentional deletion or destruction of information whether by corruption or malware.
  • Business continuity means keeping unexpected interruptions from impacting your business. We can help you be prepared by putting a solid backup system and business continuity plan in place that can help get all of the services your business needs back up and operational quickly to protect your company.

How IT Supports your business

Our industry-leading, advanced data protection systems go beyond traditional backups. We can provide continuity for your business with smart solutions that are cost effective, easy to use and scalable to meet your needs. So no matter what unexpected event occurs, you can rest assured that your data is backed up and secure.

Bottom Line

We offer a full range of backup recovery solutions, ensuring your business will be back up and running in no time. Having a backup system in place can help support your business in more ways than you may think:
  • Secure, automated server “snapshots” as frequently as every 15 minutes.
  • Local Virtualization of Point-in-Time recovery points.
  • Cloud-based, offsite server virtualization backup.
  • Automated screenshot verification of backups.
  • Data duplication so a modestly sized unit can protect data from a large number of servers.
  • A combination of local backups with cloud-based offsite storage solutions.
  • Local recovery of files day-t o-day in case a file is accidentally deleted.
  • Recover systems from data loss and/or hardware failure.
We’re here to help create a custom disaster recovery solution for your business to ensure you have the security you need even in the most unexpected situations.
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