"Linked Technologies has provided us with nothing less than outstanding service and results for all of our IT needs for the past year that we have been “linked” with them. Every member of their staff is professional, knowledgeable, friendly and eager to solve any problem.

It was due to a company relocation that we needed a total IT solution and Linked Technologies delivered what they promised with a very smooth, timely, and painless transition. Their hands-on, take-charge, “leave the worry to them” approach affords us the peace of mind that all of our hardware, software, licensing, anti-virus, e-mail, backups, and updates are covered! They are the no-hassle business network solution of the future and I highly recommend them to any business. Whether you are looking for them to set you up with your own in-house network or “link” to them in a hosted environment, they are a worry-free and reliable solution you can count on!"

-Mary Ann Olinger, Accountant, Faulkner Construction Co.

"Linked Technologies repaired our first network when the vendor we chose for the installation could not get it right and provided poor service. Over ten years later, Linked continues to provide the support we need and has helped with technical solutions as our agency has expanded and needed to incorporate new technology into our business operations. Service is prompt and effective and proposed solutions consider our non-profit status. Jim Mahoney and his staff are great to work with and provide outstanding service to our agency."

Scott Heinz, Director of Finance and Human Resources, Midland County Council on Aging

"The best part is you don’t need to be a technology person to use our systems. We had about $35,000 invested in servers and different pieces of equipment that were getting a little older and Linked Technology handles all of that equipment. We provide individual work stations at the desks and the money that we had to stash away every quarter can be used for other things. Say we grow and we put it in another location, Linked Technologies can add additional storage space on those servers for us. The day we open a center, the day we add 5, 6, 7, 8 or 20 employees, they have the ability to add more resources on their end and we’re up and running. It’s just been great working with them; we’ve asked them if they can do something, they said they can do it and they’ve delivered."

Tara Schultz, Operations Manager, 1016 Recovery Network

"Prior to having Linked Technologies onboard it was very cumbersome. We weren’t linked together at all. We did everything manually, over the phone, through fax, and now that we’ve contracted with them, they’ve brought it all together. We have approximately 30-35 locations across Michigan but we’re all linked together. All of the software that we purchased for our use, they manage, and maintain, and do updates for us. If we have a problem, I give them a call and they take care of it. They almost know the answer before we ask the question. I send Linked an e-mail saying, “We have a new profile, set this up for us.” After that, I tell them what permissions are needed. The job is done that morning, that afternoon, whenever we need it."

Kristine Dana, Accountant, Bay Human Services

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